American Assasin Review (2017)

We have a new spy/assassin into the already well trodden market. The big question is does American Assassin add something different? And can it compete with a Bourne or a Bond. The answer is yes and no. Firstly this film does not have the budget or the plethora of stars like many popular spy and […]

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Williams A Fans Film Review

The newly released Williams film is a documentary following Frank Williams and his infamous Formula 1 team. This film has major appeal for Formula 1 fans and petrol heads but is not just a documentary on fast cars and Frank Williams. It also shows the story of his family and the sacrifices made by his […]

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Fans View Of The Next Indycar

The next generation of Indycars has arrived and first impressions of the car are fantastic. The new car looks like an Indycar from its hey days of the 80’s and 90’s but with a modern twist. The fans have been craving a return to the old aesthetic of Indycars with the safety and aggressive features […]

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