Look Back at Prometheus & Thoughts on the upcoming Alien Covenant

Hello all,

Welcome to my first blog entry. So be kind as probably not that great. In this entry I will be looking back at Prometheus and offering my praise/criticism of the film and then my brief thoughts towards it’s sequel Alien Covenant.


So my general thoughts on Prometheus was that it was a very interesting film that added a start to the backstory of the Xenomorph and the infamous Space Jockeys. The films had its flaws which I will come on to later. However, I always felt the criticism of the film and the fact it wasn’t just a new version of alien was harsh from my perspective.

One the keys about this film I enjoyed was the fact it did not stick to the industry norms. It asked deeper questions about our purpose and where we came from which took as away from the themes of the original Alien Quadrilogy.

I loved the character David. I thought the fact we saw a “synthetic person” with emotions and true AI was fascinating look at how our societies fascination in creating AI could ultimately backfire but that is another story. David clearly viewed himself as an equal and to begin with loyal to Peter Weyland. However, upon landing we can clearly see David’s progression from just following orders to seeking his own answers and how he views himself as superior to humans.

I believe that due to Weyland’s  opinion that David can not value his life as he does not have a soul and is immortal, he is determined to initially create his new organism be it mechanical or organic. I also believe the fact that Charlie states that he is willing to do anything to find his answers David has no qualms in experimenting on him. I believe we will see this theme continue in Covenant as David ultimately seeks to create new creates and become a “creator” like the space jockeys were ours and we were his.

I felt that Charlize Theron character Meredith Vickers was a character who had more potential and interest if she was afforded more screen time. I felt the revelation of Weyland and her being Father and Daughter was a bit cliche and disappointing it made sense. However, to really explore that relationship would take another film a much longer film length. I also felt her death scene was the most disappointing in the whole film.

Noomi Rapace was brilliant in this film. She was a character you could route for, even if she was naive and frustrating to watch at times. I felt her determination despite everything to find the Engineers home planet really spoke to her character and I am fascinated to see what is in store for her in Alien Covenant and possibly beyond.

I did feel the film let the fans down in some areas though and this cannot be ignored. There was a distinct lack of gore, suspense and not knowing what was lurking in the shadows. Although not a film my favourite sequel to Alien/Aliens is Alien Isolation game that created a suspenseful atmosphere that made the game so scary. Also the fact you were dreading what was in a room even when it was brightly lit showed how well this game executed this feel. I hope we see this return in Alien Covenant. The greatest achievement of the film was the panoramas, scenery and cinematography were incredible.

Looking back now I would rate Prometheus as 3.5 stars. The film took a brave step into a totally different areas looking at where we came from and the big questions about our existence and purpose. The film had some fantastic scenes and great ideas but failed in some key areas and missed what Alien fans crave. But looking at this film as an original film it was far better than many people have stated and has held up well in the following years.

Alien Covenant 

This is just going to be a brief section looking forward to Alien Covenant that I will be seeing on Thursday. Based on the trailers, the exclusive preview sections shown at the Prometheus/Alien double bill I think we are looking at a potentially great sci-fi film on a par with the original Alien and Aliens. Firstly, I think we will still see great character development that Ridley Scott is so great at capturing. The cast are fantastic and I extremely excited to see Walter and David interact but we must not overlook the fantastic Katherine Waterston who I strongly believe has the ability to win academy awards in the future.

Also the Xenomorph is back and it is nastier and scarier than ever and now has some new friends that will make the chestburster look tame. So I will sign off this transmission reminding everyone that in space no one can hear you scream.


Have a great weekend folks and see you soon.


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