Why AJ Styles is the most important wrestler in WWE

This article will cover why I feel that AJ Styles is not only the best but most important wrestler currently in the WWE.

Abilities in the Ring

Is anyone better in ring than AJ Styles? No. There are wrestlers in NJPW such as Okada and Omega who are at his level but AJ is truly a special wrestler. Every time he enters the ring he pulls out something new. Whether its a variation of the Styles Clash or Phenomenal Forearm or putting his own twist on competitors moves to make them his own, AJ is able to stand out.

He is able to combined the strength of John Cena to pull off power moves before unleashing spectacular aerial assaults. He is one of a few wrestlers though, who can combined these skills and then add the ability to pull off submissions out of the blue and really put his competitors in trouble. What makes him truly standout is that all these moves are so fluid and look realistic. In the PG era a major criticism is that WWE has lost some of its realism in its story telling. AJ is major factor in returning WWE to that real fight feel. He has truly managed to combined the physicality of MMA with the theatrics and show stopping moves of WWE.


Where AJ truly excels in WWE is that he has arrived as a complete former. Much like CM Punk did towards the end of his career he has brilliantly used the fact that it has taken so long to reach WWE to his advantage. His ability to work heel and face is unmatched within the wrestling world. When facing off against Jericho & Reigns he showed that despite previously not making it to the WWE he could outshine the biggest and best stars within the WWE. His crowning glory was his feud with John Cena. Cena is always fantastic on the microphone giving jab and counter punches to any insults. However, AJ used his heel turn to confirm his arrival as the current best wrestler to grace our screens. Whether it is using some real life frustrations in his promos to using fans opinions/conspiracy theories of John Cena trying to bury him, he was able to silence John Cena which very few wrestlers have managed to do. This takes me to the key point why he is the best. Very few wrestlers have amazing in ring work and then can back it up on the microphone. AJ is one of the few wrestlers who can do it all. Listening to the pops he received on the latest UK tour shows that he is the most over superstar in the world right now.

Work Ethic

AJ is not a part timer. Currently be it Goldberg, HHH, John Cena or Brock Lesnar all the top stars are not wrestling week in week out apart from AJ Styles. However, this extra workload does not affect his interaction with the fans and his performance in the ring. Everytime we see him in the ring we see even more improvements new moves and more comfort on Smackdown which truly is turning into the house that AJ Styles built.

This is not the attitude or ruthless aggression era……we are in the AJ Styles era.


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