The Thursday 5: Favourite Music Acts

Slight change to usual blog entry. Going to do a weekly top five and my first one is my favourite music acts. Please see my current favourite acts (past and present) to listen to and what is your top 5 music acts?

(I’ll admit in advance I have a weird variety of music I like).Ki

1. Carrie Underwood- Unfortunately I have never the opportunity to Carrie, however she is a mainstay on my iTunes on the commute to work. She has incredible vocal range and all her songs tell a great and different story. What I love about her albums is the variety. There is a fantastic incorporation of country, pop, rock and power ballad. She is one of the few artists that I can listen to all her albums without skipping songs.

2. Taylor Swift- Unsurprisingly Taylor Swift is high on my list. Despite the criticism she receives for her personal life you cannot fault her singing career. She is not as gifted a singer as Carrie Underwood but her storytelling in her songs sets her apart from so many other artists in the world. Furthermore, like Carrie she has been able to cross boundaries into different music genres and be successful in all of them. Finally, after seeing her 1989 world tour her live performance and theatrics are one of the best in the world.

3. Skillet- A fantastic rock band that are criminally under exposed to a wider audience. Originating as a Christian Rock band, Skillet have managed to break out to be one of the best rock bands in the last 20 years in my opinion. There live shows are incredible and they work harder than most to please the fans, whether it be energetic performance no matter the weather (Download Festival 2016) of meeting fans in meet and greets. Meeting and chatting the band was an incredible experience and they are extremely down to earth which is great to see. Finally, their music speaks for it self. Whether it’s metal, hard rock, sing a-long anthems or slow ballads and even a bit of rap Skillet can do it!

4. Aerosmith- Although at the end of their career Aerosmith have forged a path as one of the most influential rock bands in the world. Whether it is hits such as Dude Looks Like a Lady to more of their less well-known bluesy songs Steven Tyler’s voice mixed with the musical talent in the band has led them to greatness. Although my favourite music by the band is from their peak with the albums P.U.M.P and Get a Grip they have managed to release spectacular songs from Toys in the Attic in 1975 to their latest album Music from another Dimension. There will truly be another Aerosmith spanning such a long career with the incredible highs and lows that makes their story and music so compelling.

5. Lady antebellum Are a fantastic Country band with the most incredible harmony’s. Like Carrie Underwood I can just sit and listen to their music all day without skipping any songs. Unlike a lot of modern music that releases a few hits and some filler music for an album Lady Antebellum release an album of songs that could be singles and truly stand out because of this.



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