Spider-man: homecoming a fan Review (no major spoilers)

Spider-man is back for his origin story in the marvel universe following his introduction in Captain America Civil War. This film has arrived with high expectations following Marvels continued commercial and critical success. Furthermore, Tom Holland is the third reincarnation and portrayal of Spider-man in the last 20 years so a lot was expected. Despite its best efforts this film is easily the worst Marvel film and does not meet the standard set by Andrew Garfields portrayal of the title character.

The film follows Peter Parker following the events of Captain America Civil War as he try’s to prove to Tony Stark he is a worthy Avenger whilst facing the standard battles of being a teenager. He ends up fighting Michael Keaton’s Vulture who is determined to steal and. Use alien technology to create new weapons and sell them on the black market.

This film like all Marvel films has the ability to combined great action sequences with comedy and character development. However, unlike previous films this fails to deliver them consistently.

Tom Hollands portrayal of Spider-man does not make you want to support the masked super hero. He instead comes across as an annoying teenager that keeps trying to pull off funny one liners. His internal struggle to do what is right or follow Starks advice feels forced and not believable as is love interest in the film as they share no chemistry. In comparison to Andrew Garfields and Emma Stones chemistry on screen really shows how weak this film is. Furthermore, due to his actions and annoying behaviour you end up routing for Michael Keaton’s Vulture. The undoubted bright spot of this film is his ability to bring this character life and makes the audience feel used by the elite so you end up supporting his cause to take control and provide a better standard of life for his family.

Marisa Tomei is criminally underused as May Parker.An actress who throughout her career has shown her ability to shine on screen is used as side piece of the film who has no relationship with Peter and just seems to be there. Again this is where previous versions of the origin films show their relationship and how it develops as Peter embraces been Spider-man.

Even the addition of Iron Man cannot save this film. The film gives the feel that Iron Man has been put in the film not to help develop the story but just to provide a link between this film and the Marvel universe and to capitalise on the star power of Robert Downey Jr.

Overall I would rate this film 2 out of 5 stars. With this film being released so soon after Wonder Woman it is the first time Marvel and DC have gone head to head and for the first time a DC film outshines Marvel in every aspect since both universes have come to the cinema.

This film will be successful due to its connection with other Marvel films but unlike previous Marvel films it is a thoroughly disappointing affair. The only bright spot is Michael Keaton’s performance. If Marvel are unable to return to form in their upcoming films it could spell a change in the tide between which universe, DC or Marvel is the most popular.


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