The Walking Dead Season 8 SDCC trailer review

This a brief review of the recently released trailer of season 8 of the walking dead. This will include some spoilers from the comics.

This trailer opens with Father Gabriel in a dark room before Negan enters and asks if he is “wearing his shitting pants”. We then skip to the main body of the trailer which shows Alexandrians and members of the Kingdom preparing for war with the saviours. This includes glimpses of the group in search of something and Tara pointing her gun at someone. We then briefly see a flickering light in a hall way that is eerily reminiscent of when Rick awoke from his coma.

We then have Rick delivering a speech to his army proclaiming this world is theirs and they have already won. We then see the money shots of Daryl blowing up things on the road and gun battles between different groups and then Maggie and King Ezekiel also getting their moment to deliver speeches.

We finally get to see some glimpses of shiva battling walkers, Negan hitting Lucille on a desk and Morgan apparently battling Jesus. We then cut to the Walkimg Dead titles before cutting to black. The music begins to return as we see a shot of a walking stick and then a bed ridden Rick waking up looking visibly aged, gaunt and shaken. Before the trailer ends.

Firstly, this trailer barring the opening Negan monologue, Rick’s speech and hospital scene is a big disappointment. Where previous trailers have given you glimpses of the story to come and themes this trailer appears to be a mishmash of scenes ensuring all existimg characters get screen time.

The shots of Shiva, Daryl on his bike and battles are amazing and provide a tantalising glimpse of the season but really fails due to the music and editing. The music is atrocious and really detracts from the feel of a war and threat to life. The jumping from different shot to shot also really negates any attempt of giving fans an idea of what is to come. Previous seasons (especially season 3) really ramped up the tension and hype before the start of the season. This years is just sporadic shots of different characters with no real information or clues for fans.

This trailer feels like it is relying on the hospital scene to draw fans in for the season with little other thought for what they will include, which is a massive letdown.

To me the theory’s of Walkimg Dead just been Ricks dream following his season one shooting is miles off the mark. If you don’t want spoilers stop reading.

The scene in the hospital to me is a key moment from the comics when Rick severely injures Negan but in the ensuing fight is also significantly injured. Now whether they have moved it around so it is where he loses his arm in the comic I am not sure, but I truly believe we will see Negan lose and become Ricks prisoner at the end of the season. Although we did not see any glimpses of them I fully expect the whisperers to make an appearance at the end of the season so they are the main antagonist in season 9. 

Despite the disappointment of this trailer I still cannot wait to see what season 8 holds and hope that it delivers the goods where the trailer failed.


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