Thor: Ragnarok Review (no major spoilers)

Thor is back in his third film and the first marvel feature since the disappointing Spider man. This film represents a key crossroads for the company. Does it produce an entertaining blockbuster or has it become complacent knowing that success is guaranteed due to the Marvel hype.

The premise of this film is Thor returns to Asgard where he is confronted by Hela. After his hammer is destroyed and he is taken prisoner on a strange planet, he must face the Hulk in battle before stopping Hela and Ragnarok (the destruction of Asgard)

Unfortunately, this film is massive disappointment. It feels and looks like a cheap knockoff version of Guardians of the Galaxy. The humour is forced and I did not care about the characters or the flimsy storyline. 

Guardians worked so well as it was a fresh take on superhero films and with the casting, script and music it works as a package. Marvel have seen this and tried to replicate its success with the new Thor film. The problem is Thor has never been portrayed as a comedic character so it feels like a totally different character to the other marvel films. Even the usual highlight of Loki is beginning to feel warn out, repetitive and used so Tom Hiddleston can make an appearance.

However, the worst part of this film is the Hulk. Instead of Hulk been an angry, unstoppable force of nature he is transformed into a petulant teenager. I can see Marvel are trying to develop the Bruce Banner/Hulk relationship in this film but it back fires. This relationship is at its best when you have Bruce confronting his anger and fears, not having the Hulk describe his personality vs Thor’s in a cringeworthy sequence.

What was most disappointing for me is the lack of storyline. Other standalone films reveal new vices and enemy’s for the Avengers that plays into a bigger universe story arc. This does not. The story of Hela feels weak and is explained away in a couple of sentences before turning back to action or attempted humour.

Jeff Goldblum is fantastic as ever and Cate Blanchett delivers a solid but unspectacular performance as Hela. The two characters who actually add substance to the film is played by Karl Urban and Tessa Thompson. Both take you on a journey where character development is forefront of their portrayal that allows you to become emotional invested in the characters. The problem is neither characters are given the screen time to rescue this film.

Overall I would give this film 2 out of 5 stars. It is an extremely poor version of Guardians of the Galaxy. From imitating music used, cinematography to the characters, this film represents a lazy instalment in the MCU.

The addition of Jeff Goldblum of Cate Blanchett cannot save this film from its lack of storyline, predictablity and forced humour. Marvel will undoubtedly make a lot of profit but hype can only take you so far before the public are able to see it through it so if this franchise is to remain a box office smash, massive improvement is require.


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