A British perspective: Why the USA is still my dream destination 

Welcome to this blog entry discussing why the USA is still a dream holiday destination and why I aspire to move there.

Disclaimer, this is not a political post and I am not endorsing any view point before people go crazy.

One of things that really irritates me is when people say they hate America and Americans when they have never been there or met regular everyday Americans. Like with any country you should not judge residents of a country by its politicians. This is especially true when you don’t understand their culture. In the current climate it seems to be the popular bandwagon opinion to hate the USA and its people, so here are the reasons why it is my favourite place in the world:

1.  The natural wonders

The United States has a myriad of wonders. From spectacular infamous landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, Kilauea Volcano, Momument Valley and the great redwood Forrest of California the USA is home nearly every type of landscape in the world. In some states you can ski or go climbing on snow capped mountains to relaxing on a sunny beach in a matter of hours. What comes with the size of this nation is the ability to find areas that have been untouched by humans so remain a pristine environment. As a result of this it is still possible to see wild animals such as a variety of bear species, big cats, wolves, bison and elk. Not many countries has the amount of variety of environments that the USA has in such abundance.

2. Big city’s and rural escapes

Whether your ideal holiday is a big city shopping weekend, to a party and gambling fuelled weekend or a relaxing on a beach states has it all. Each state and city has its own selling point that means that everyone can find a holiday to suit them. You can go to the year round warmth of Florida seeing natural beauty of the Everglades or relaxing on a beach in the Keys or the thrill of theme parks in Orlando shows that even within states you can find a destination for you.  My personal favourite has to be Nashville for the music and culture. If music and beaches is not your cup of tea then New York or Vegas offer a completely different type of holiday.

3. The people and culture

Despite the stereotypes the biggest draw moving and holidaying in America is their culture and people. Like any nation there are areas with problems and their society is not perfect but the vast majority of people are welcoming, friendly and tolerant. Florida is home to a lovely relaxed atmosphere where the commercial side of Orlando incorporates globalisation with every cuisine known to man. But like with any state as you move away from international tourist destinations and visit real America is when you truly appreciate their culture and people.

They are proud of their nation and heritage and will not apologise for this. Although they do not have ancient history such as Egypt or Italy the modern history of the USA is equally fascinating and shocking and seeing important landmarks brings home how recent their history is.

4. Food & Sports

Simply put the USA is home to great food and fantastic sport. Many dishes in America might be taken from other nations but each area of the country has added its own identity into a dish. The portions are incredibly generous and waiters/waitresses put other nations to shame. Their is so much effort put into making sure customers are happy it really puts other service to shame. This is also helped by their culture of giving tips.

When it comes to sports the USA is home to incredible choice. From mainstream sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB and motorsport to more niche markets like lacrosse or extreme sports America has it and on a bigger scale than any other nation. Going to a major sporting event in the USA is not just a sporting events. It has showbiz glam and is a full on show that lasts for hours on end.


America will not be everyone’s cup of tea and I am the first to admit that. But given the opportunity I would highly recommend going. Once you get past the headlines and politics it is home to amazing people, variety of environments incredible choice of destinations and a surprising mix of cultures. 


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