My post Wrestlemania Predictions (spoilers)

After last nights Wrestlemania that featured some shocking results and unexpected heel turns we now head towards the Raw after Wrestlemania.

Here are my predictions for storylines moving forward and debuts I am expecting.

Call up to the main roster

Let’s first look who will be moving up to the main roster. On the women’s side I expect confirmation that Peyton Royce moves up to the main roster on Smackdown. Following her impressive debut in the women’s battle royal it makes sense that a member of the iconic duo makes their move up from NXT. I hope that Billie Kay moves up with her. These two are promo gold and are a match for anyone on the microphone. It would be a massive mistake to split them up.


On the women’s roster I also expect to see a call up for Ember Moon. She has accomplished everything she can in NXT and the re-hash of her feud with Asuka is a must. Ember Moon has brought out the best in Asuka and I think adding her to the Flair/Asuka feud will be fascinating.

On the tag team side we are long overdue a call up for the Authors of Pain. They are the most dominant tag team in NXT history and I think they are logical tag team to beat Braun Strowman. Although a move to Smackdown makes sense there is already a monster tag team with the Bludgeon Brothers so that position has been filled.

Cena vs Undertaker 2

Well after the stop start, will he/won’t he we finally got to see the Undertaker return in fantastic shape and crush John Cena in a Wrestlemania squash match. It was a surprise to see Undertaker return with his deadman gimmick rather than the American Badass but WWE managed to make this work. I can’t see Cena taking this and just accepting defeat. I am predicting that we will see Undertaker vs Cena 2 next year at Wrestlemania in a career vs career match that will see the Undertaker retire.

Women’s division

I think the women’s division is at a real cross roads. With Ronda Rousey portrayed as a dominant force able to take on and beat the hell out of Triple H, it is only a matter of time until we see her in a championship match. There is no chance WWE will put her on Smackdown so that will put her on a collision course with Nia Jax. With both portrayed as baby faces I expect to see a heel turn by Jax in the their feud. Although the only option going forward it is stupid booking following Jax finally overcoming Alexa Bliss.

On the Smackdown side I expect we will see Asuka and Charlotte continue their rivalry with the addition of Ember Moon added to the mix. For the rest of the women’s roster the storylines are up in the air. The only wrestlers who have a set feud is the fascinating Bayley Sasha feud. This is the feud everyone wants to see and the storyline is the best on the main roster at the moment.

The women’s roster desperately needs a females tag team division or equivalent of intercontinental championship so that the other wrestlers have storylines.

With the addition of The Iconic Duo it is the perfect opportunity for WWE to introduce a women’s tag team division.

The one member of the division who cannot be overlooked is Alexa Bliss. Her feud with Jax and reign as champion has been the biggest highlight of the women’s division over the past 365 days. She has proven to be the perfect mix of in ring quality and amazing promo work has shown she is one of the biggest stars in WWE right now.

WWE Championship

The ending of the WWE championship match clearly set up Styles vs Nakamura 2. I expect an added stipulation into this match such as a ladder or no holds bar match. With Nakamura turning heel this will give the rivalry between the two an extra spark. The Wrestlemania match although a technical masterpiece lacked that hatred and genuine dislike between the two. I truly hope WWE allows these two to really push the boundaries and show what they can do without rules.

United States Championship

This is one that I just cannot see a good storyline moving forward. With Mahal as champion beating crowd favourites Rusev and Bobby Roode I Just do not see a rival or challenger that can get me interested in this storyline. I hope that I am proved wrong but I think we will see a continuation of Mahal/Orton/Roode/Rusev battles.

Intercontinental Championship

For me this has to be a continuation of Balor and Rollins feud. Their matches are incredible and they portray a storyline better than anyone else. They also brought the best out of the Miz who had the match of his career last night.

The one disappointment of that match was that we did not get to see the “demon” persona of Finn Balor. His entrance as the demon is out of this world and gives his character a darker unique side that no other wrestler has. Although his current character is happy and intense it lacks star quality. There is no depth or backstory to why he is the way he is. WWE must allow Balor explore his darker side and potentially turn him heel.

Universal Championship

The surprise of the night was Lesnar retaining. WWE, Dana White and Brock Lesnar pulled an absolute blinder to get everyone to believe that this would be Roman Reigns coronation. The match was built in a way where Lesnar threw everything he had but he could not put Reigns down. Reigns then fought back and was inches from victory before Lesnar pulled it out of the bag.

Going forward I predict Lesnar will beat CM Punks title reign to become the longest modern day champion. From there I think that if we do not see Cena Undertaker two then we will see Cena defeating Lesnar to break Flairs record. The other option is having Strowman or a returning Bobby Lashley defeat Lesnar. The booking really makes it difficult to predict as Lesnar has now beat every challenger clean. The only other person who has yet to face Lesnar is the man never who never lost the Universal Championship. If Finn were to face Lesnar I would hope this could be a catalyst for the return of the Demon. But I find this scenario highly unlikely.


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