A Quiet Place Review 4* Mild Spoilers included

This a review of Emily Blunt’s new film, A Quiet Place. There will be mild spoilers below.

The film is set in present day but ravaged by creatures that hunt solely by sound. This has forced remaining survives to live in total silence.

The film picks up nearly 80 days since the arrival of the creatures. As Emily and Johns Krasinski’s family return from a “run” to get supplies but their youngest child activates a toy rocket. The sound attracts the creature that kills their child in front of their eyes.

The film then picks up the family over a year later. Emily Blunts character is now heavily pregnant but the family is still deeply traumatised by the events at the start of the film. We follow the film throughout the birth of Emily Blunts characters child to the family’s confrontation with the creatures.

This film gives a truly different experience to the usual cinema experience. The films revolutionary approach with its use of sign language, lack of dialogue and minimal music allows the cast to deliver a phenomenal acting performance. The birth scenes whilst the creature hunts her shows why Emily Blunt is one of the best actress in the world. John Krasinski equally delivers a fantastic performance. Their ability to convey the hurt and guilt they feel is memorising.

If you expect to see a blood and guts fest then you will be disappointed. This returns horrors to a character driven story with the threat and fear of great horrors such as Alien. Equally the minimal use of horror adds to the tension.

Many modern day horrors have fallen into the trap of trying to deliver more and more blood and guts, but do not build tension or a believable story for the characters. As a result you do not care about if or how they die. Although these horrors have a place in films we have been inundated with them. This finally delivers a horror film where the story and cast are allowed to deliver a film where the story takes centre stage.

Overall I would rate this film 4 out of 5 stars. It represents a return to horror films that deliver a great story that ratchets the tension throughout the film. It is fantastic to see a film not reliant on music to build tension. The only negatives of this film is that the creature when you finally see them do not strike fear like the classic Giger Alien. However, this film represents a return to a story driven horror that has been missing from the genre for too long.


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